Dating a letter of resignation

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Dating a letter of resignation

My association with COMPANY NAME has been a good one, and I will miss all the great friends and co-workers I have had the privileged to get to know.As I told you in our conversation two weeks ago, I have received an offer that is very agreeable and would be helpful regarding out current family financial statement and the future growth-potential of the position.You may need a favor or recommendation from your present boss in future, therefore, show discretion, respect to him while tendering resignation.Sub : Resignation Notice Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I have come across an opportunity that will enable me to work in the area of my preference and choice.As a responsible member of my family, I believe that it would be best for me to stay home with [the person needing assistance or the whole family if applicable] to help out during this difficult time. It's been a pleasure working for [company name] Perhaps when this crisis is over you will reconsider hiring me again.

Please let me know the alternative arrangements for handing over the charge of my official possessions; including car, household items and other official documents, files etc.

Whatever the reason, explain your reasons in your resignation letter, even if it's issues with the company you're working for - it might make them improve working conditions in the future.

You should always assume responsibility for your resignation and do not blame someone else or your boss for your resignation.

The language used should reflect maturity and professionalism.

Remember, writing resignation doesn’t mean that you are getting fully cut off from the present employer or it doesn’t mean that you will not need his favor or a recommendation letter from him in future.

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In your letter you should mention a good aspect; like you are pleased to have work in the company and that you are pleased to make the acquaintance of so man in the company, and let them know who valuable the experience was for you, and how much you learned.