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Coming back from the Peninsula there is a sign that says: "Emergency parking: 1/4 mile." Several people suggested disable the frame pointer omission (FPO) optimization and prevent inlining, but it also doesn't stop the compiler from using spill space if it needs to — which means you basically have to set up a stack frame anyway.

I've been trying for some time to get YV12 support working perfectly, but at this point it looks like a wash.

Applying this both horizontally and vertically gives the bicubic filter.

The fact that you calculate the 2D filter as two 1D passes means that the 2D filter is separable; this reduces the number of effective taps for the 2D filter from 16 to 8.

Although I have it installed for some time now, I've been avoiding using Visual Studio . The incremental improvements in the compiler simply aren't worth putting up with the braindead, butt-slow IDE.

Thus, I've been continuing to use Visual C 6.0 SP5 PP.

However, I doubt that there's anything I can use, because the two critical features I need for improving the GF2 path are either doubling the result of the framebuffer blend or another texture stage, both of which are doubtful.

My daily commute takes me across the San Mateo Bridge.

The VC6 processor pack was quite bad and tended to generate about two move instructions for every ALU op; this was improved in VS.

The code has shipped and is in 1.5.10, but is hard-coded off in .

I might resurrect it again as NVIDIA reportedly exposes a number of features in their hardware in Open GL that are not available in Direct3D, such as the full register combiners, and particularly the final combiner.

The problem is that different drivers and applications are inconsistent about how they treat or format odd-width and odd-height YV12 images.

Some support it by truncating the chroma planes (dumb). Now, if people had sense, they would have handled this the way that MPEG and JPEG do, and simply require that the bitmap always be padded to the nearest even boundaries and that the extra pixels be ignored on decoding.

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