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Etiquettes of online dating

As soon as the ritual is over, the mats on which the bodies are laid were pulled up.Many participants store them under their mattresses in the belief it will bring them good luck, harboring bacteria.I will ask them for blessings and success in my school leavers' exams,' he said.

At the head of the procession, 18-year-old Andry Nirina Andriatsitohaina eagerly awaited the big moment as a uniformed band played on loud trumpets.'I am extremely proud to go to rewrap the bones of my grandmother and all of our ancestors.

Instead, their remains must be held in an anonymous mausoleum.

But the local media has reported several cases of bodies being exhumed covertly.

People of Malagasy descent have traditional views based around their deep respect for their ancestors, and common activities on the day include family gatherings at local cemeteries, reports state.

It has been reported that 50 aid workers are among those infected.

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