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Mike ventrella ashley dating

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contestant drop all the weight, he also managed to build up impressive muscles.

Check out the picture on the right as he flexes for all to see.

In some cases, the contestants have shed hundreds of pounds and don't resemble the person they once were.

We've compiled a list of the top 25 most amazing transformations from the show's history for some fit-spiration!

At the beginning of the competition, Indianapolis firefighter Allen Smith didn't look the part of his profession at 325 pounds, but when he weighed in on his final week, his 125-pound weight loss gave him the confidence and the leg up that he needed in his life. He took home the grand prize in season 2 when he took off an impressive 157 pounds.His final weigh in was a little less than 200, impressing viewers at home. When he first arrived at the competition, Hernandez weighed in at 348 pounds and throughout the competition, he managed to drop his weight down to an impressive 188 pounds.According to Hernandez, the only person who isn't thrilled with his trim figure is his son Jacob, who misses "fat daddy.", Rachel Frederickson, who won the competition in 2014, experienced some backlash for losing too much weight.Shay Sorrells is a contestant that everyone talks about.At 5'8", she weighed 476 pounds and was "knocking on death's door." The social worker wound up losing 172 pounds while she was on season eight. The season nine contestant dropped a ton of weight, but afterward, he was involved in a mysterious accident that almost took his life.

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The contestant suffered a major tragedy when she lost her husband, her daughter and her son.

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