Sexiest digital camera

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And because they have OC in their blood, it’s not just about the latest social media trends, but fashion trends as well.The Opkix One camera is designed to not only be worn on your phone or baseball cap but mounted to a bike, a surfboard, mirror, an instrument and jewelry; you can even go the body camera route and use it as a wearable camera. With the camera gear, you also have a ready-to-go video and picture editing app set to link and provide hashtag-fresh content for your favorite social media app.

With a team of 16, they are leading the charge when it comes to revolutionary technology being developed in Orange County.The powerful Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera took home our top tech of CES award, and for good reason.While technically announced last fall at Photokina, it was here at CES that we got our first look at a production model GH5 and its final specifications.Available in two versions, the Stead XP attaches either to any camera with a hot shoe or to the back of a Go Pro with a Bac Pac port.Price is about 2 for one model and 8 for the other.

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To start recording, simply tap the side of the camera twice.

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