Updating private repo

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A few things/limitations to consider: You can set up a repository to automatically have its branches, tags, and commits updated from an upstream repository.This is useful when a repository you're interested in is located on a different server, and you want to be able to browse its content and its activity using the familiar Git Lab interface.The server that the source repository resides on provides its credentials as a "host key", the fingerprint of which needs to be verified manually. Git Lab will fetch the host keys from the server, and display the fingerprints to you: You now need to verify that the fingerprints are those you expect.Git and other code hosting sites publish their fingerprints in the open for you to check: $ cat /etc/ssh/ssh_host*pub | ssh-keygen -E md5 -l -f - 256 MD5:f:9f::21:1b:bf:ed:1f:8e:a:b2:9d [email protected](ECDSA) 256 MD5:e6:eb:45:8a:3c::5f:e9:5b::be:7e: [email protected](ED25519) 2048 MD5:3f:72:be:3d::5c::e8:6e::3a:85:1d [email protected](RSA) file you'd like to use unaltered, then you can skip these steps.

There are two kinds of repository mirroring features supported by Git Lab: push and pull.For an existing project, you can set up mirror pulling by visiting your project's Settings ➔ Repository and searching for the "Pull from a remote repository" section.Check the "Mirror repository" box and hit Save changes at the bottom.) and the date: When pulling changes from the source repository, Git Lab will now check that at least one of the stored host keys matches before connecting.This can prevent malicious code from being injected into your mirror, or your password being stolen!

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Repository Mirroring is a way to mirror repositories from external sources.