White womena and asian american women resentment prejudice dating ako islo vice na vandrovku online dating

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White womena and asian american women resentment prejudice dating

If they cannot get a white American they go for a foreign white and give him or her American accent.Not very different from the Yellowface or black face shows of yesteryears."That Black men are lazy, criminals.Even in areas with high numbers of minorities like CA, NY. We are all influenced by the messages of our society.Take a look around its everywhere...."I think the fastest growing group of couples in this country is the Black Male/Asian female couple.The first step is to always identify and acknowledge the problem before you can solve it.The problem is, Asian women haven't even acknowledged it or even care about the effect it's having on Asian men.They don't state that there is something "off." So, I believe Asian men are at least ahead in this respect.Personally, I only help other Asian men in every aspect whenever I can.

Go abroad and find yourselves wives...means a more non-white America.it would undermine the racist America you all are complaining about..would also serve the white men right. In Hawaii there is a lot more mixture, particularly AM/WF, because Asians dont worship whites and they are seen as equals. Here in Singapore, Asians are a majority but worship whites.TV program even brazenly showed the virtues of a smooth white skin on June 15, 2007..hence most white women dont date white men. If you treat the cat like a human, it would jump on the dining table when you are having dinner.If that was the case why don't Asian American Women date high percentages of other types of men?????why is it they ONLY white men if they do date outside their race?????For instance, I know many Asian men that refuse to stick up for Asian women for this reason alone.They view this situation as a betrayal of the utmost degree and their own rational for not supporting Asian women is thus deemed warranted.

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If it's wrong, it's wrong but that's the way I feel. If you identify those then it will be easier to understand this situation."Hollywood and the media tell me that they would rather hire foreign whites from the UK and USA for roles in TV and movies over Asian Americans particularly Asian American men. When whites are displaced by foreigners as in computer science there is a hue and cry, but foreign whites displace Americans white, Asian or otherwise in Hollywood, no one gives a damn!!

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